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Devin R.
very cool 😎

Would love a melatonin-free version! I believe melatonin is best for older folks when their melatonin level drops.

Larry G.
For anyone who has sleep issues, try this.

The Sleep + product is awesome. Lately I have had trouble staying asleep and waking up too early. I was looking for a product that gives me a restful and deep night of sleep. After a week of taking Sleep + with good results I can say that it works. The packaging is very unique and efficient. It is easy to open and the disc is ready to drop in water. I take it at night when I brush my teeth as part of my new routine. It dissolves easily with a little stirring. The flavor is light, refreshing. A+

Lindsay P.
A New Part of My Nighttime Routine

As a lifelong light sleeper and the parent of young children, I can say my sleep quality was severely lacking. After trying so many different sleep supplements over the years, I was a little skeptical but also excited about this not being another loser. My expectations were well exceeded. Taste is so enjoyable, it would be something I would want to drink with or without its benefits. And the sleep is amazing. I am genuinely relaxed about 30 minutes after drinking, and I fall asleep not long after.

Sonya S.
Effective but tastes strange

Although I find the flavor strange, the product is effective.

Matt P.
Out like a light and feeling refreshed in the morning

Works perfect for me every time I need a little support getting to sleep. The big one for me with Sleep + over some other products in the past is that I wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy. So I hit the ground running to get the kids ready for school and start my day.

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