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William M.

Quite expensive but appears to be worthwhile. A problem obtaining it outside of U.S., and Thorne does not give free shipping for large orders.

chris p.
Great Product

To me it's subtle, but noticeable. Some of the other reviews hit it on the head when they said you feel more focused and dialed in. It's a great mix of ingredients if you are also really interested in the healthy-aging aspect. I'm 43, been taking it for a few years on and off.

Erin M.
No more mid-day fatigue

I started taking ResveraCel over a year ago and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes you take a supplement and you have no idea if it's "working". For me, I take 2 caps with lunch and it powers me through the afternoon. Mental clarity, ability to focus - all dialed up with ReseveraCel. Thank you, Thorne.

Alecia H.
Recommend for Fertility

I struggled with fertility with my first and second pregnancies. I went the IVF route with my second. After a failed first egg retrieval cycle, my doctor recommended NAD+ to help with egg quality. When I started taking it, I immediately started sleeping better. I suffer from insomnia and after taking ResveraCel I slept more soundly, had dreams each night, and woke up maybe once in the night. With my second egg retrieval, I finally obtained healthy embryos.

Frank B.
Fantastic Four

If you take only one supplement, then it should be this one. NR and Resveratrol are, perhaps, the greatest combo going (according to a prominent Harvard genetic scientist), plus you also get Quercetin and Trimethylglycine as an added bonus.

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