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Myra A.
Reflux help

Because I didnft want to take a prescription med, I wanted to see if this supplement would help me. It sure did, just two weeks into it.

Jennifer L.
Good Product

I use this product for acid reflux, and it works pretty good for a supplement. I was unable to tolerate any of the prescriptions my GI doctor gave me.

Donna F.
This stuff works!!

My doctor told me about GI-ENCAP for soothing my stomach when I was having anxiety and it works very well. I did not want to use over-the-counter medications. This helped tremendously. That was 4 years ago and I still use as needed. Thank you, Thorne!

Amanda F.
I keep this everywhere!

I keep GI-Encap in my purse, at my desk, in my kitchen, and in my car. This is the first thing I take when I get an upset stomach. It works really well for when I have too much spicy food. I empty a few capsules into water and drink it to get the work done faster. It tastes good, too.

Jennifer G.
It really helps!

This works really well for me! I usually open the capsules and add to water or a smoothie. So soothing!

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