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revekah e.
Really helpful for slow digestion

I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and one of the symptoms is that my digestion has slowed to a crawl. This helps with bloating and regularity tremendously! I honestly started taking it not expecting much, but just desperate for some relief, and now I take two before every meal. Eating a lot of fiber or greens used to bloat me up but now I can enjoy my favorite salads again with no problem!

Kyle H.
Great Product

Seems to really help with my stomach acid issues.

Lucy V.
Expectations exceeded

Digestive enzymes were suggested to me for weak fingernails. Within 6 weeks of taking 3 capsules at lunch, my fingernails are finally growing better than ever. Very happy. Thank you.

Ilene S.
Great product

I've had mesenteric ischemia since 2009. Always sick to my stomach and couldn't sleep for years without medication. I told my GI Doc and Naturopath that my symptoms got worse when I ate protein. I started seeing another Naturopath and he suggested this product, it's my saving grace. I now sleep and nausea is gone. I hope this is never taken off the market.

Kymber D.
Better than other brands

I bought these to try after previously using another brand that was bought out by Big Corporate. So much more effective and key to my healing journey!

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