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18 new products to discover right now.

We are pleased to welcome 18 new health supplements to our portfolio, all available in Singapore right now.


  • Glutathione-SR is a sustained-release form of glutathione that provides antioxidant support for the liver, brain, heart, lung, and eyes.
  • It also helps the body respond to physical activity.
  • NSF Certified for Sport®.


  • S.A.T. (Silymarin, Artichoke, Turmeric) is a liver-protective formula that provides curcumin and milk thistle extracts as well-absorbed phytosomes.
  • Artichoke provides support for fatty liver.

Quercetin Phytosome

  • As a powerhouse antioxidant, Quercetin Phytosome benefits an optimized immune response, offers support for allergy sufferers, and promotes a healthy aging process for well-rounded daily wellness support.


  • Glycine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that supports relaxation and healthy stress management.
  • It also enhances detoxification by increasing glutathione production.

Amino Complex - Lemon

  • Amino Complex is high in essential amino acids (EAAs), including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).
  • It promotes muscle mass and enhances energy production.
  • NSF Certified for Sport®


  • Siliphos combines a flavonoid from milk thistle (silybin) with phospholipids to form a well-absorbed complex.
  • It offers liver-protective benefits and helps maintain normal levels of glutathione.


  • Perma-Clear offers comprehensive support for a healthy intestinal lining.
  • It supports immune function in the gut, and provides nutritional support for "leaky gut."

Omega-3 w/CoQ10

  • Omega-3 with CoQ10 combines heart healthy essential fatty acids with the antioxidant and cellular energy production capabilities of Coenzyme Q10 – all the benefits of two great products in one easy-to-take gelcap.


  • Perfusia-SR, sustained-release L-arginine, promotes the production of nitric oxide in the arteries.
  • The vascular benefits include improved blood flow and maintenance of normal blood pressure.


  • L-glutamine is an amino acid that supports a healthy intestinal lining and immune function, and assists in healing after injury or surgery and in muscle cell repair.

Bacillus Coagulans

  • A stable probiotic bacteria that survives stomach acid and retains its potency in the intestines, where it can support GI upset, such as occasional gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.


  • Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the heart.
  • Essential for healthy heart muscle function, taurine also supports optimal liver and gallbladder function and healthy vision.


  • Lysine, a vital building block for protein, is important for collagen formation, which provides structure for healthy skin, bones, and muscles.
  • Lysine also provides support for healing of sores and wounds.

Olive Leaf Extract

  • Olive Leaf Extract is derived froSF763m the leaves of the olive tree (Olea europaea) and contains compounds, specifically oleuropein, that have demonstrated antioxidant and immune-enhancing properties.


  • L-Tyrosine promotes the body's production of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) and thyroid hormones, and supports healthy stress management.
  • It also helps maintain healthy adrenal function.


  • GI Encap supports the health of the esophagus and stomach.
  • Its mucilaginous botanical ingredients soothe the mucous membranes of the GI tract.
  • Can be taken out of the capsule for a soothing tea.

Betaine HCL & Pepsin(225)

  • Betaine HCl & Pepsin promotes optimal stomach acidity, protein digestion, and enzyme activity.

Q-Best 100™

  • Support cardiovascular and neurological health, cellular energy production, and healthy aging with well-absorbed CoQ10.

We are very pleased to meet your wellness demands.

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